The Teachers

Kathryn Moynihan

Kathryn has been teaching for the last ten years and has been practicing yoga since 2004. She initially explored different forms of yoga and became interested in its therapeutic benefits while working in the IT/corporate design industry. Ashtanga yoga became her core yoga practice along with the influence of Iyengar yoga. She has studied with reputable senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers and travels every year to train abroad in India or Europe. She has studied under senior Buddhist teachers from Tibet, UK & US and has found that combining her yoga practices with Buddhist meditation's 'inner techniques' has allowed her to deepened her own personal practice & experience of both yoga and meditation.

When teaching she puts an emphasis on meditation and pranayama. She encourages students to develop their own personal yoga practice to use yoga to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Nikki Cousins

Nikki attended her first yoga class 17 years ago. A few year later years later was she drawn into an intense connection with the practice that became a life-long relationship. When she began to seriously immerse herself in the practice of Ashtanga yoga that she found a style that resonated with her deeply, a style that both challenged and rewarded her. She completed Paul Dallaghan's training course in Thailand in 2004 and her love and respect for the Ashtanga tradition was truly sealed. It was also here, in Yoga Thailand that she studied under Sri O.P.Tiwari and started a study of the science of pranayama, which now forms an important part of her daily practice.

She is a dedicated yoga student and teacher, studying with top yoga teachers in the world, including spending time in India studying under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore and Rolf and Marci in Goa. She is committed to studying with her main teacher, Paul Dallaghan every year.

As a teacher her classes are in keeping with the tradition of Ashtanga and are thus demanding. She believes that each student is capable of much more than they realise, and it is through steady, consistent practice that this becomes apparent.

Tina Gering - Anatomy

Tina Gering - Anatomy

Tina is a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and has been working in orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation since 2000. She is also a registered Osteopath since 2015 working in private practice. She attended her first yoga class about 20 years ago and became passionate about it and began attending weekly classes about 12 years ago. With first-hand experience in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and sport related injuries, Tina is looking forward to sharing her insights as an Osteopath/Physiotherapist with the benefit of years of weekly yoga practice.


The programme will focus on developing participants knowledge and understanding of body mechanics, enhancing what they can gain from yoga practise, as well as developing a medical anatomy based understanding of potential injury risks and how to minimise them as yoga practitioners and instructors.

Cara Chotiner - Philiosophy

Teaching since 1997, Cara is an ERYT500 and YACEP trainer registered with Yoga Alliance. She holds diplomas in yoga, therapeutic massage, stress management, Anatomy & Physiology and is an Assoc. Certified Pranic Healer in practice more than 20yrs. Cara's original Yoga training is in the Sivananda tradition, which continues to be her main influence in the way she teaches today. Cara teaches with an integrated approach from the different styles she has studied with and brings a challenging yet very therapeutic sequence accessible to all levels in her classes. She is dedicated to studying regularly with her respected teachers and travels at least once a year for intensives with them throughout the globe. She has been a tutor on more than 10 TTC’s in Ireland since 2004 for Yoga Therapy Ireland and Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training in Dublin where she continues to be the resident Philosophy, mantra & meditation trainer. Cara is in high demand giving regular workshops in Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, meditation & The 5 Tibetans throughout Dublin & nationwide. She brings a practicality in sharing the sacred Teachings within Yoga Philosophy that is applicable to our modern day lives, which is the direct influence of her Beloved Sat Guru.


Her practice of meditation & pranayama is from the guidance and instruction of her Teacher, Maha Atma GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. She will always be eternally grateful & inspired by his loving direction and dedicates her practice & teaching to his work and priceless service to humanity - Om Shanti!


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