Welcome back

Dedicated to your Wellbeing

As we all find ourselves in a place in time where we could never really have imagined, it's so important that we are all respectful and aware of ourselves and our fellow students so we can all return back to the studio together safely and with confidence.

I appreciate that each one of our clients has had a unique experience over the last few months. Now that we are re-opening our doors I'd like to keep you all informed and update you on some of the new ways of working and what we are doing to make you feel happy and relaxed on your return. It is also important to note that we are not 100% infallible and if you are very vulnerable or living with a very vulnerable person, please don't attend classes for now.

1. We ask all students to stay outside or in their cars until 5 mins before class. This will avoid too many people waiting in the reception.

2. The teachers will have all doors open when you arrive and will close them before class starts. When class finishes, please wait on your mats until your teacher has opened all doors again for a seamless exit (hopefully).

3. Teachers will ask you for your next of kin details in case you feel unwell at any stage during class.

4. There will be floor marking for you to put your mat down in the yoga room to maintain social distancing.

5. You must bring your own yoga mat and all your own props if needed.

6. Floors will be cleaned before and after each class for your safety.

7. Please do not drink from any cups or glasses in the kitchen area and bring your own drinking water if necessary.

8. Please try not to use the toilet. Of course you are welcome if there is any emergency but please avoid if possible.

9. You are welcome to wear a face mask coming to and from the studio but we will not be permitting students  to wear them during the actual yoga practice for health reasons (hyperventilation).

10. There will be no hands on physical adjustments for now.

11. Hand sanitisers will be available for those who need them but we recommend bringing your own if possible.

These are rough outlines for all our students. If you are personally concerned about something in particular please contact your teacher.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support.