Here at Yoga Loft we offer a range of therapies from experienced practitioners who are highly trained, to support you and your body as it heals itself.

Reiki with Ann Marie

January 01, 2020

Ann Marie is an experienced Reiki Therapist. Having first practiced Reiki in 2012, she has completed her Reiki Master level, Integrated Energy Therapy courses, and Divine Essence Crystal Therapy courses. Ann Marie offers 1 hour sessions in a safe space. 


Some of the benefits of a Reiki Energy Therapy session are

Calm mind

Sense of well-being 

Release of old emotional attachments 

Can aid physical healing


Reiki always works for your highest good.

Life is not a sprint but a journey to be enjoyed. 

Dates: Mon 14 Oct

Mon 21 Oct

Mon 11 Nov

Mon 18 Nov

Mon 25 Nov

Sessions are €60 per session

Osteopathy with Gaelle Monnier

Osteopathy is a safe and effective therapy that aims to return the body to its optimal state
of health. To do so, the osteopath uses a wide variety of techniques to tailor each
treatment to each patient.


We all suffer a certain amount of trauma during our lives, whether it being sports injuries, car
accidents, falls, illnesses or emotional stress. The body is very good at adapting so it will
find various mechanisms to keep going, until it cannot cope any more and this can be when
pain starts. The trigger can be something as small and innocent as bending down to
unload the dishwasher, but it is enough to throw the body over the edge.
There usually are warning signs that could manifest as twinges,tension or a “tired” feeling in your back for example and getting a treatment at this stage will prevent
the occurrence of an acute episode. In order to relieve the pain, the osteopath will have to work on old strains as well as releasing tensions related to the trigger episode.

Because of the wide range of techniques used, an osteopath can treat people of any age
and help with a variety of problems.

Sessions are €60

To book contact Gaelle on 087 7581001

Cranial Osteopathy with Gaelle Monnier

Gaëlle studied osteopathy in France and in England where she qualified in 2004. Over her many years of practice, she has developed a strong intuition and has treated many different conditions and injuries. Her real passion is working with babies and pregnant women. Cranial is one of the only treatments that can be done on pregnant woman and new born babies.

Pregnancy is a very strenuous time for a womanʼs body. A lot of changes occur in a very short period of time. Sometimes the body needs help accommodating these changes. The pelvis is the most important component for the mechanics of delivery. An imbalance and/or restriction will impair the progress of labour. Regular check ups during the course of pregnancy will not only relieve physical discomfort, it will also insure the best possible outcome for the birth.

Post natal care with cranial treatments are also very important. During the birth process, the bones of the babyʼs skull have to overlap to go through the birth canal. They will usually unfold during the few days after birth by crying, feeding and yawning. But if this process is incomplete, due to a long or assisted birth, residual tension within the babyʼs skull will create a variety of symptoms. Fast labour or C-section will both come in as a shock for the baby and often leave them feeling stressed. This can also lead to problems feeding, sleeping and  baby is often generally hard to sooth or settle.

Thankfully it is never too early to treat and cranial osteopathy is increasingly becoming the treatment of choice by many parents.

Sessions cost €60

To book call: 087 7581001

BodyTalk with Therese Tierney

Every choice and every experience in your life, has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and injury has a unique story and history. Through life situations and stress, our bodies become compromised and imbalances occur. These imbalances can be the root causes of diseases, emotional problems or anything that stops a person you from experiencing complete wellness or reaching their full potential.

Most of our problems or pain we feel ultimately reflects an imbalance or blockage in the energetic body. It is only when balance has been restored at this energetic level that deep healing can occur.

This approach fosters a deep awareness in a client of their emotional, physical or spiritual blockages. A session can help to shift the view of any diseases from a label to a collection of imbalances that can be addressed one by one so eventually the ‘disease’ disappears. It is an astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re synchronised so that they can operate as nature intended.


The sessions can be used as a stand-alone system to treat many health problems, or seamlessly integrated into any health care system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing.

€70 for 60 mins.​

To book call 083 476 7470 or email

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