Curious about Yoga Teacher Training but not sure if it is right for you?

July 20, 2017

People often ask us if a Yoga Teacher Training is the right thing to do? Many questions pop up such as what will I learn? Will I gain anything substantial that I can use and move forward in my life? Will I deepen my practice or will I even fit into a course like this?

Making decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to a committing to a teacher-training course. It's your time, commitment and finances! My own teacher training decision was not clear-cut – I spent many weeks reflecting on why I wanted to do this. I asked myself did I resonate with the teachers and did their philosophy sound like something I could learn from. A lot of that indecision came from my mind wanting to analyse and some how want to ‘predict’ the future and look for certainty. In the end a simple conversation with the teacher was what did it for me – I just knew in my gut it felt right and even though there was fear and doubt I somehow wanted to take that leap of faith. Nowhere in that decision was there the desire to be a yoga teacher - I only wanted to learn more.

Indecision and inertia can be such obstacles to moving forward in our lives. Often the act of just making a small decision can be enough to propel us forward. So even the small act of asking one of the teachers for advice, investigating the course topics, sitting down and honestly look at your schedule, costs etc. will give you the feeling that you're making positive steps towards that decision.


Excitement, joy eagerness and openness are signs you want to grow. Lets not pretend there won't elements of fear, self doubt and negative self beliefs that will want to keep you in a state of non growth but recognize that's just the ego wanting to sabotage the process. Its ok, the ego only wants you to feel safe and in your comfort zone. But it might be fun to grow!

Here are some aspects to reflect on to help you to decide whether or not teacher training is for you and just a few of the endless benefits of bringing yoga into your life.


What the Word “Yoga” Really Means?
The practice of yoga is a tool for helping us live our lives joyfully and with a full heart for ourselves and other beings. Nowhere in the ancients texts was yoga defined you trying to bind yourself into a pretzel in a 60-minute class! In fact, the Asana comprises just a small part of the overall Eight Limbs of Yoga as spelled out in the Yoga Sutras. These practices help cultivate an inner shift from to-do lists, kids and spouse’s needs, financial worries, and relationship struggles to something a little bit bigger than the issues you face. Yoga is a tool for personal growth, relieving stress and overcoming challenges.

You Can’t Do a Headstand but you’re all over Child’s Pose!
I hear plenty of times; I’m too old, I’m not young enough, my arms are too short, I don't have the right body for yoga and the list goes on. A yoga teacher training program main function is not to push you into handstands or anything else – this is not yoga. It’s about learning the tools, techniques and applying them to your own practice. This is a program of personal development, enquiry into your practice and looking at the deeper meaning of yoga.

Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practice
The training course will give you the discipline and understanding to go deeper into your practice. It’s an opportunity to look at your practice and finally shift from second-guessing to actually knowing the right way to practice. Whether your practice is a simple or advanced practice the mere fact of practicing more will transform your practice very quickly. You will also dig deeper into anatomy and philosophy and learn more about how your body works. You will become physically stronger, more effective in your practice and hold a deeper connection to body and mind.

Learn Life-Enhancing Skills
The Yoga Loft teacher-training program was designed to maximize the opportunity of having student’s attention and commitment for 10 months. Graduates leave with the tools and wisdom to practically bring yoga into their own lives as well as others. Not only will you learn the practices of how to be more present in your life, but shift from reacting to deeper acceptance when life throws a curve-ball; more acute awareness of your body and mind, improve your communication skills and learn deeper intimacy with yourself and others. Also, graduates leave with the abilities and tools to lead groups in their practice.

You Want to Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People
If you want genuine and real friendships then this is one course that will allow that. These people or sangha will watch you grow and change and before you know it, they will become like family.

You Want To Help In The World
The best way to share something is to learn how to teach it.


Deeper Purpose
So you want to figure out what is it that you can offer to people or how you can be of service to others. By going deeper into your practice you will start to understand what drives you from fear and what drives you from true passion and joy. Listening will be a big factor on the course – learning to listen to yourself and your practice. As you learn the art of listening you can bring this into your life and watch the transformation.
By truly listening during a teacher training, you will start to understand what it is that you are here to do.


Have Fun
You get to spend hours hanging out with like-minded people messing around with fun
poses and exploring some deeper topics of life! Sounds good?


Kathryn Moynihan
Kathryn is one of the main teachers on the Yogaloft Yoga Teacher Training program starting in January 2018. Kathryn has been teaching for nearly ten
years along with practicing Buddhist meditation.

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