Standing on my own two feet...

August 1, 2017

Are you aware you have feet? Silly question, I don't think so. Let me explain. Stop reading for a moment and take your feet in. What do they look like? How do they feel? Do you take care of them? Wear comfortable footwear? Do you on a day to day basis give thanks to the amount of work your feet do for you? On a physical level, does it resonate with you the amount of muscles, tendons, nerves, bones, joints that are supporting you? Psychologically, they are your foundation. Ever hear the expressions, I was swept off my feet, walking on eggshells, I got cold feet, she's very grounded, she's up in the air.



Feet and the way a person uses them for support and balance are excellent indicators of how stable and grounded the person is.  How a person is grounded physically, is frequently identical to the way he is grounded emotionally.  According to William Schutz, "The feet are of vital importance psychologically because they are the contact with reality. An imbalance at the feet throws off the balance of the total structure."


So, for the past year I have been trying to ground myself.  I have come to appreciate the need for balance and stability in my life, which has allowed me to slow down and support myself a bit more with my roots and foundation.  For me these changes have been 'down to earth', rather than trying to fit it all in, I've chosen to focus on what I love and expand on these areas. My changes have included moving to a cottage in the countryside with my partner and growing my own vegetables.  Taking time to meditate and practice yoga each morning, journaling and cooking nourishing food.  By changing my lifestyle, I've changed my way of being.  Allowing me connect with the earth, giving thanks for my feet, feeling the wind, sand, and sea between my toes. Happy loving your feet.. feed your sole!



Eilis Vaughan, teacher of the Anatomy aspect of our Teacher Training commencing in January.

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