Frequently asked questions

Am I ready?

I can't afford this course. Do you offer scholarships? 

Yes, we offer one scholarship per training.  A partially funded scholarship is available each year for those who have financial limitations. See our section on ‘Fees and Terms’.  The decision on who the scholarship is given to is at the discretion of the Bodhi training faculty.  If the scholarship is not given to you, but you still want to do the course, please get in touch with either Kathryn or Nikki to see about a payment schedule that is possible for you. 

Can I do this course if I am injured? Or if I'm not strong or flexible enough? 

This really depends on the kind of injury you have. We are happy to discuss this with you personally. As regards flexibility, it is a general misunderstanding that to be a yoga teacher you need to be flexible. We do believe that having a regular vinyasa practice before you start this course will benefit you and will help set you up for the training. This course is practice based so we will be asking more from your body every month. Therefore there will be times you will feel full power, strong and flexible and other times you will feel like you’ve taken two steps back - this is totally normally on a training course like this. This is all part of the process, of understanding that this is a life long practice, to support and enrich your life. Being a good yoga teacher is nothing to do with how strong or flexible you are, it is about your knowledge, understanding and experience of the practice. 

How much time will I need to invest outside of the course dates? 

There will be monthly assignments in the form of homework  and reading. This usually doesn’t take up much time but if you already have a extremely tight schedule with work or with family we recommend that you be aware that some time will need to be prioritised for this course. We will also request you to make time to develop your own self practice at home. But as with most things, being organised with your time planning is important to avoid last minute overwhelm. We have trainees on the course who have full time jobs that require travel, parents with young children, full time university students. They all find time to get everything done. So will you! 

Is there a written assessment that must be passed at the end of this course?

Throughout the training we will be evaluating you on the homework you provide us whether its written or practical. Sometimes we will evaluate a student and see if they are need of extra support or need more study so that they can be ready for the final assessment. Towards  the end of the course we will have a final  assessment that will combine practical and written assessments that will determine if you are ready to teach a beginner style vinyasa class. Sometimes the assessors will ask you to repeat one of the assessments so that you can pass your certification with confidence. 

Does anyone fail the course?

We have continual assessment throughout the course, including the homework, the self practice and the teaching practice. Then there is a final exam at the end of the course, where we assess the trainees self practice, teaching practice and their written exam. If at the end of the course we feel a student need some extra help with their practice, or their teaching, we offer to mentor them to help them get up to our standard.  Our aim at Bodhi Yoga is to have yoga teachers that we are proud of, so that we can stand behind their teaching.  We do have high standards, but it is because we want you to  become to best yoga teacher that you can. And in order for our certificate to have merit, it has to be gotten by hard work and discipline. Which means that there is always the possibility of a trainee not passing straightaway. 

How do I know that I am ready to start a teacher training, our if this is the right one for me?

Unfortunately those are both questions that we cannot answer for you! They are questions that you need to ask your deepest self. However what we will say, is that we recommend at least a year of a dedicated vinyasa yoga practice before enrolling in the course. If your background is in a style other than this we recommend trying out some of the classes in our studio to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Ideally go to one of Nikki's or Kathryn’s classes to meet them and see do you resonate with their teaching. By meeting one of the main teachers you can get a feeling if this is the kind of course you want to invest your time and money into. The teacher and student relationship is incredibly important on a training like this so we really want you to resonate with the teachers ideology for the course. 

Being ready to do a teacher training is nothing to do with being the most flexible or strong person.Being ready to begin a yoga teacher training course is to commit to beginning a daily self practice, to begin a journey of self-discovery and be willing to learn and immerse yourself in the full yoga experience. It will be transformative year, on many levels, but you have to decide to take the first step yourself. 

Any more questions please email