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I’m Therese Tierney and I set up the Yoga Loft here in Cork in 2009. Initially I was the only teacher in the studio, teaching many different students and classes each week. A lot has changed over the years, personally and professionally. I became a mother and the studio grew to become a place for many different teachers and styles of yoga to be shared.

The Yoga Loft provides students with a rich and diverse learning environment. Every person is different and everyone responds in their own way to the practice of yoga. It's important to take the time to discover what you enjoy and whats brings you most benefit. Understanding your own response will help you to build your own unique yoga practice.  Here at the studio, we have small classes with a maximum of 15/18 students, so each student can connect more directly with the teacher and can receive attention on an individual level where required. The teachers we have are all very genuine, kind people who have dedicated themselves to the study and practice of yoga and each offer their own unique experience and wisdom form their personal yoga journey.

Real yoga is not just about ‘stretches’. A complete yoga practice attends to the needs of mind, emotions and spirit, and not just the physical body. It's important for a yoga class or practice to include deep relaxation, breath, sound, gesture and meditation. These practices are all a part of  yoga.


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